How To Flip A Photo On Iphone? Get A Mirror Selfie.

With the addition of some third-party apps, the possibilities for the iPhone’s power as a handheld device are almost limitless.

The ability to flip any image directly from your Photos app was one of the new features in iOS 14. This is useful if you require the mirror image of a picture, for instance if you’re trying to read some text that is written backwards.

How To Flip An Image Horizontally To Get That Mirror Selfie

So what if you want your iPhone’s camera to record what you actually see when you look in the mirror or into your front-facing camera? There are many ways to flip your photo so that it is an exact mirror image, so it is not a problem.

How To Mirror An Image With Iphone Photos

The simplest solution is probably to flip your selfie using the Photos app on your iPhone because you already have it and are probably familiar with how to use it. Here’s how to create a quick mirror image:

  1. Your iPhone should now be in the Photos app.
  2. Tapping Edit will select your image.
  3. Select the crop icon at the bottom of your screen.
  4. In the top-left corner, click the flip icon, which looks like a triangle that has been cut in half. In doing so, a mirror image of your photo will be created.
  5. Save your mirror image by clicking Done.

How To Flip A Picture On An Iphone With Photoshop Express

This is the option for you if you can’t use iOS 13 or haven’t downloaded it.

1. Install the Photoshop Express application if you haven’t already.

2. Using one of the available accounts (I went with my Gmail), log into the app. Permit Photoshop Express access to your pictures.

3. Select the photo you want to flip by tapping on it as you browse your photos in the app.

4. Tap on the crop icon (two right-angles overlapping). It appears that many third-party apps for flipping photos use the crop function as a standard technique.

5. Tap on Rotate. The bottom of the rotate screen will have several options, including straighten, rotate, flip horizontally, and flip vertically.

6. Tap Flip Horizontal.

7. There are other editing tools you can play around with, but if you only want to flip your picture, tap the Share button at the top (the box with an arrow pointing upwards).

8. Tap Save. The Photos app on your iPhone will now include the flipped image.

How To Flip A Picture On Iphone With Snapseed

One of the most well-liked iPhone editing apps is Google’s Snapseed. It lets you edit your photos dramatically and also lets you make cool mirror images. Here’s how to flip a photo using Snapseed:

  1. Launch Snapseed on your iPhone after downloading it.
  2. Pick the picture you want to edit.
  3. Tap Tools, then select Rotate.
  4. Select the flip icon, which resembles two triangles split in half by a dotted line.
  5. To save your photo, tap the checkbox, then choose Export.

Take A Selfie That’s Already Mirrored

We’ve now discussed a few methods for manually flipping a picture, but what if you want your selfie to be automatically mirrored when you press the shutter button without needing to use any editing software? There are a few options for doing this, thankfully.

How To Take A Flipped Selfie In Ios 14

You can adjust your settings so that your selfies are automatically flipped if you are using iOS 14. Here’s how:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Camera after swiping down.
  3. Turn on Mirror Front Camera under Composition.

How To Take A Mirrored Selfie With Instagram Camera

If you aren’t using iOS 14, you can take a mirrored selfie inside Instagram:

  1. On your iPhone, launch Instagram.
  2. To start a new post, tap the + icon.
  3. To activate the camera, select Story.
  4. To switch to the front-facing camera, choose the camera icon in the bottom right corner.
  5. By pressing the shutter button.
  6. Select the download icon at the top of the screen to save your mirrored selfie to your Camera Roll rather than adding it to your Stories.

How To Take A Flipped Selfie With Photoshop Express

A fantastic camera app that creates mirror images is available in Photoshop Express. Plus, it’s got some neat effects to experiment with:

  1. On your iPhone, launch Photoshop Express.
  2. Hit the camera icon in the lower-left corner.
  3. If you want to add a filter to your selfie, scroll through the available options.
  4. If you want a mirror image of yourself, press the shutter button.
  5. Send your image to the Photoshop Express editor by clicking the pencil icon.
  6. For your picture to be saved to your Camera Roll, tap the upload icon.

As you can see, there are numerous methods for producing a mirror image of your preferred selfie or another image. It’s entirely up to you whether you choose to do it while taking the picture or afterwards. We’ve also got information on how to flip a video on an iPhone instead of a photo.

When You Take A Selfie On An Iphone, Does The Picture Flip?

The astounding response to this query is sort of. Before the invention of the selfie, people who wanted to capture a photo of themselves with a cameraphone tended to do so by taking a picture of themselves in a mirror, which would result in a real, reversed reflection.

The mirror image was used to replicate those analogue reflections before front-facing cameras on smartphones were developed. Alternatively put, you see a mirror image of yourself when you look at your image on your front-facing camera. However, instead of displaying a mirror image when you press the shutter button, the image that is taken flips itself to reveal what the camera actually sees. Make sense?

Why Mirror An Image?

Flipping a picture either horizontally or vertically is the process of mirroring an image. For instance, people frequently use the mirroring effect to flip text to make it easier to read in a picture.

Mirroring can also be used to enhance an image’s aesthetic appeal or make a picture more in line with a design project’s objectives. What if, as another illustration, a model is depicted in all images glancing to the right when, in reality, they should be looking to the left? Without the need for new shots, the issue can be resolved by mirroring the image.

The mirror effect also produces bizarre images, such as a portrait of a person gazing at a mirror image of themselves or the appearance of two objects that are exact replicas of one another in the same frame.


In Microsoft Word, How Do I Flip An Image?

To flip or mirror an image in Word, select the image, then go to Picture Format > Arrange > Rotate. Select Flip Vertical or Flip Horizontal depending on your needs.

How Do I Flip An Image In Google Docs?

To flip an image in Google Docs, select the image, then at the bottom of the image, select Image Options > Size & rotation from the context menu. Enter a number in Angle or select Rotate 90°.

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