Why Does Photo Booth Freeze When I Record? How To Fix?

Photo Booth utilizes a lot of memory and processors, just like any other video recording software. Due to the potential for increased computer usage and decreased video quality, other apps should not be used while recording. The majority of Mac users have also reported that the Photo Booth application freezes and crashes while recording a video or that there is a freezing/lagging problem.

Even right after you begin recording, the program frequently freezes, proving that the length or size of the video is not the cause of the issue. Press the stop button to see the notorious “spinning wheel of death” or a When you’re done recording, click the beach ball symbol.

We have made an effort to explain the causes of the Photo Booth video freezing error as well as simple fixes.

What is a Photo Booth App?

On the iPhone, there is a program called Photo Booth. It was initially made available on OS X 10.5 for using an iSight camera to capture photos and videos. It can be accessed on a Mac, an iPhone, or an iPad.

Errors Related to Photo Booth Video Freezing

When using the Photo Booth video recording app, you must be experiencing the following errors on your iPhone or Mac.

• Photo Booth Video Glitch after a few seconds
• Photo Booth Video Freezes with no memory error
• No photos show up because Photo Booth is not saving your videos
• Photo Booth crashes when you start playing videos or photos

Reasons for Photo Booth Video Freezing Error

Memory Limit When Using Photo Booth

Your Mac or iPhone’s CPU may be approaching its maximum memory limit if you are recording while using other programs in addition to the Photo Booth app. Once all other programs have been closed, try recording.

To help reduce processor power usage while the video is being recorded, unplug all connections.

Try operating Photo Booth in 32-bit mode if none of the previous fixes resolve the issue and Photo Booth continues to stop or crash.

Read/Write Permission Issues on Photo Booth

To find out if you have read and write rights, press Control + click or right-click on Photo Booth in the applications folder and select Get Info. Allow yourself to read and write if you haven’t done so before.

In a similar manner, navigate to /Pictures and then click Get Info to open the folder. Give yourself Read/Write permissions once more so that you can save Photo Booth images.

Increase RAM on Mac – Clean Space on iPhone/iPad

You may not have enough RAM, which is one of the causes of your Photo Booth app freezing videos. For the Photo Booth app to function flawlessly, you can increase the RAM on your Mac device.

Similar to how you can free up space on an iPad or iPhone, you can do so to ensure that the Photo Booth App runs error-free and flawlessly.

Check ISight Camera for Issues

Both internal and external cameras work with a photo booth.

Only one program may use the webcam at once if you’re using an external iSight webcam, your Mac’s built-in iSight camera, or a camera made by a company other than Apple. The software Photo Booth may crash or abruptly stop working if you run or use another program that also uses the camera. A restart of the Photo Booth and the other program may fix the problem.

Check the camera’s functionality in iMovie after recording a video using it (from the camera icon somewhere on the left side). If the problem persists in iMovie, it may be a hardware issue with the camera, in which case Apple must receive the Mac.

Why Does Photo Booth Freeze When I Record? How To Fix?

How to Fix Photo Booth Video Error

1. Quit and Relaunch Photo Booth

Minor software issues can occasionally be resolved by closing and reopening the app. To accomplish this, open Photo Booth again after pressing the Command + Q keyboard shortcuts.

2. Restart Your MacBook/iPhone

If stopping Photo Booth and starting it again doesn’t work, try restarting your computer. This can correct more serious software flaws that might be to blame for the video error.

3. Update the Photo Booth

It’s possible that your computer’s webcam won’t work with an older version of Photo Booth. To update the app, go to the App Store, select the Updates tab, and then choose Photo Booth from the list of apps that have newer versions available.

4. Check Your Webcam Settings

Photo Booth may experience issues if your webcam is not configured properly. To check your webcam settings, launch the Photo Booth app, select the Webcam option, and then choose your webcam from the list of compatible devices.

5. Contact Apple Support

Contact Apple Support to learn how the PhotoBooth error on your MacBook or iPhone can be fixed if you’ve tried all of the aforementioned fixes and you’re still getting the error.


We anticipate that these explanations will assist you in fixing the Photo booth video freezing issue on your Mac or iPad. Please let us know if there is another solution, and we’ll be happy to add it to our blog.


Does the Photo Booth Have a Time Limit?

You can use the photo booth as many times as you like during your wedding or event; there are no limitations. Some businesses forbid using the photo booth during the event’s dinner and quiet hours, but not us.

How Long of a Video Can You Record on Mac Photo Booth?

The file size of Photo Booth videos has no reasonable limit. Videos with AAC audio and H can be stored in Photo Booth. 264 video compression.

How Do I Fix Photo Booth Video on Mac?

One of the main causes of Photo Booth videos occasionally failing to play on Mac is a software error. To make the video playable, you can restart your Mac in Safe Mode or try updating your computer’s software.

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