Can You Wear Glasses In A Passport Photo?, What Should I Do

Do you require a new passport photograph? Do you ever wonder if wearing glasses in your upcoming passport photo will be permitted or if you’ll have to take them off?

In-depth coverage of the subject and an answer to the key query are provided in this blog post. “Should I wear glasses in my passport photo?” You will be informed if you need to remove them in order to obtain a passport photo that is valid or if you can leave them on during the photo session.

Are Your Glasses On During Passport Photos?

The details offered on the U.S. Department of State website, wearing glasses in passport photos is prohibited and will cause the passport photo to be rejected by the passport acceptance facility clerk during the passport application.

eyewear of all kinds, including:

  • non-prescription glasses
  • prescription glasses
  • sunglasses.

is forbidden due to glare from the lenses, according to the Service Guide for U.S. Passports.

Thus, you must remove glasses before attempting to take a passport photo that will be viable for submission at the passport office.

The “no glasses” rule will decrease the likelihood that your passport photos will be rejected.

U.s. Passport Photos With Glasses

Only very rarely will your passport application be approved if you wear glasses for your passport photo.

These situations include cases when a passport applicant has had eye surgery and thus needs glasses for medical reasons. If you are subject to this requirement, you must submit a medical statement that has been approved by a physician or other qualified healthcare provider.

Your passport application won’t be approved unless the clerk reviewing it notices that such documentation was submitted along with a new passport photo. You can submit your U.S. passport if you have a note like that. passport photo with glasses on.

However, you must watch out that the glasses don’t cover any prominent facial features. The eyes in your passport photo must be clearly visible even if you are wearing glasses. They also cannot otherwise detract from your appearance.

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Do You Keep Glasses On For Passport Photos – Minors

Young people applying for passports must follow the same regulations as adults. If a child does not need glasses for medical reasons, passport offices will not accept photos of them wearing any.

The minor must be accompanied by an adult who can provide a written note from a doctor stating that the minor must wear eye protection during the photo shoot.

Passport Photo Online – Instant Passport Photos

Passport Photo Online is a website and a smartphone app available for iOS and Android that acts as your own personal photo booth. If the glasses are worn, you are free to take as many photos as necessary and only upload the clearest one without glare.

Take advantage of our free passport photo template and receive printable photos in 3 (three) seconds. For $6.95, you can have your photo expertly edited so that it is suitable for submission as a passport photo. The only things you need to do are select the kind of document you’re applying for and upload the correct photo.

Passport Photo With Glasses Or No Glasses – Summary

In 2022, you’ll have to remove your glasses for passport photos. The rules for passport photos state that you must remove your glasses, whether you wear them for style purposes or because you need to wear them for your prescription. Adults and minors are both subject to the rule.

Only in situations where you need to wear glasses for a medical condition that can be supported by a signed note from a medical practitioner are you allowed to have them on in your passport picture

Four Things You Can’t Wear When Taking Passport Photos

unacceptable photos in a passport. The main cause of passport application delays is due to this.

There are specific specifications for passport photos, including the dimensions of the image itself and the head’s circumference from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head. Regulations apply to the background color and resolution. Additionally, the way you dress and the things you wear can influence whether or not your photo is approved.

The following are some things you can’t wear in a passport photo. You must be aware of them in order for the application process to go smoothly and for you to receive your passport as soon as possible.

You cannot be photographed for your passport in any kind of uniform, including military or law enforcement uniforms. Diplomats and other government representatives who may receive permission are one exception. Additionally, commercial employees like pilots and flight attendants who wear their uniforms while traveling may receive approval.

You cannot wear hats, scarves, or other headwear that completely covers your hairline. The only exception is if it is an item of religious clothing, such as a turban or headscarf. Even then, your face must be visible from the front of one ear to the front of the other, from your hairline to your chin.

Neither prescription glasses nor sunglasses are allowed in passport photos. Up until recently, you could include eyeglasses in your passport photo as long as the frames didn’t cover your eyes. Passport Services made the decision to forbid the use of lenses because a significant number of photos were being rejected because of glare. Additionally, you are not permitted to wear contacts that obstruct your vision or alter the size or color of your iris.

Lastly, you cannot wear wear headphones or wireless hands-free devices.

It’s best to dress in contrast because you’ll be photographed against a white background. Use a neutral facial expression in your passport photo because immigration officers and other people you might need help from while traveling might not be amused.

A passport photo can be taken using a digital camera, but there are many places with skilled staff that provide on-site passport photo services.

Confident woman wearing black turtleneck and eyeglasses looking at camera. Studio shot on blue background.

For Nations That Permit Lenses, Consider The Following Advice To Put You On The Right Track:

  • The likelihood that your eyeballs will be blocked increases if your eyewear is too thick or wraps completely around your eyes. Also distracting are colored frames. Avoid these.
  • Perhaps your head was tipped so that the ceiling light was reflecting on your lenses, or perhaps a camera’s flash made itself known, causing glare on the lenses: either way, any glare whatsoever should not be seen. Watch out, as ANY photo alterations are never permitted, so if this happens, take a new photo.
  • No matter where you are from, sunglasses or “transition lenses” that are tinted are not allowed. Your eyes must be clearly visible in any passport photo. Sunglasses negate the purpose of that.
  • Position: Whether you wear passport photo glasses is entirely up to you, but if you do, follow the aforementioned guidelines and make sure they are not positioned directly beneath your nose. Glasses should be worn on top and positioned so that the eyes are clearly visible.

While the country always recommends the above guidelines, you should simply remove your glasses if you are unsure. Receiving an acceptance is preferable to receiving a letter of rejection. We at iVisa Photos can help you make sure your photo complies with government regulations, but we are unable to adjust your glasses if they are obstructing your vision. Use our passport photo booth and take a few pictures while wearing glasses and while not, as that works best. Pick the one that best and most accurately represents you. Once you’ve made a decision, send it to us so we can review it. Before submitting it, we will let you know if we have reason to believe it won’t be accepted. Although difficult, glasses are not overly complicated. Just keep in mind that the sooner you receive a government OK, the sooner you can run away and temporarily leave your life behind.

Passport Photos With Glasses – Faq

The most frequently asked questions about the regulations governing the wearing of glasses in passport photos are answered below in a straightforward manner.

Are Glasses Allowed In Passport Photos?

Glasses are currently prohibited in passport photos. For their passport photos, applicants should remove them.

An eye doctor’s signed statement verifying a medical condition that necessitates the applicant’s constant wearing of lenses is required in order to obtain an exception to this rule.

What Makes Eyeglasses Prohibited In Passport Photos?

Previous attempts to identify passport holders have been hampered by the glasses’ lenses’ glare. The American government made it illegal to wear glasses in passport photos in 2016, and as a result of this rule, it is now in effect.

They argued that this would lead to fewer delays in passport applications.

Do The Photos On My Passport Allow Me To Wear My Prescription Glasses?

You may wear your glasses for your photo if you have a written note from a doctor stating that they must be worn. You will have to remove them if there isn’t a document of that nature.

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