Eyezen Lenses: All Things You Should Know

Eyezen lenses incorporate two technologies: Eyezen Focus, which helps correct vision according to viewing distances of each digital device, including very close vision, and a light filtering technology, which aids in shielding the eyes from damaging blue-violet light emitted by digital screens.

Eyezen lenses lessen eyestrain, make it easier to read the small print, reduce glare, boost contrast, and help wearers’ eyes from aging too soon. Continue reading, you will know more about Eyezen lenses.

What Are Eyezen Lenses?

For those who use smartphones, tablets, and computers for prolonged periods of time, Eyezen is a daily lens that offers comfort and protection. In addition to reducing symptoms of digital eye strain, the improved single-vision lens filters at least 20% of the harmful blue light emitted by digital screens.

Who is a Good Candidate for Eyezen Lenses?

  • anyone who regularly uses a computer, phone, or another digital device.
  • Children!
  • Emerging presbyopes who aren’t ready for “BIFOCALS.”
  • Patients who wear contacts almost exclusively but regularly spend many hours on the computer would be excellent candidates for the emmetropic combination.
  • individuals who engage in a lot of close work
  • Patients report having tired eyes at the end of the day.

How Does Blue Light Affect Vision?

It makes sense that your eyes could be negatively impacted in some way given how frequently and closely you look at digital screens.

The retina is located at the back of the eye and is illuminated by light traveling through the cornea. Blue light exposure is thought to harm the retina over time, especially if it occurs frequently.

A short-term issue that can be caused by blue light exposure is digital eye strain, which presents symptoms such as:

  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Dry eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Eye fatigue and discomfort
  • Eye twitching
  • Neck and shoulder pain

Over time, retinal damage may worsen. This may result in macular degeneration and other severe vision conditions. Fortunately, eye doctors and researchers have created products like Eyezen lenses to protect the eyes from prolonged blue light exposure and treat the effects of digital eye strain.

How Do Eyezen Lenses work?

Eyezen lenses are made using cutting-edge technology that incorporates several different mechanisms:

  • Eyezen Focus – The slight magnification of Eyezen lenses enables you to keep your screen at a comfortable working distance and prevents you from holding it too close.
  • Blue light filtering technology – Through the blocking of 20% of blue light, this shields the eyes from the blue-violet light that digital screens emit.
  • Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement (W.A.V.E) Technology – W.A.V.E. is employed to give each lens a distinctive design. By eliminating blur even in low light conditions, technology offers clarity at any distance. Your unique single-vision prescription for each eye is used to create the lenses.

A lens called an Eyezen is the end product of this technology, and it aids in eye protection and relaxation. With clearer near vision and less eye strain, these lenses make it possible for you to view your digital screens more comfortably. Wearers also experience reduced glare and better contrast perception.

Eyezen lenses can even help people who don’t typically wear glasses because they are made to be worn all day.

How Do You Order Eyezen for Your Patients?

There are three steps for you to follow.

1. Specify Add:

  • Eyezen 1: 0.4 diopters of add
  • Eyezen 2: 0.6 diopters of add
  • Eyezen 3: .85 diopters of add

2. Specify Lens Material

3. Measure Fitting Height, at Least 15 Mm is Recommended

Things to Know

  • Available in Transitions Signature VII
  • Anti-reflective comes on each lens with a 1-year warranty
  • Will be available soon to sell in the office as lens/frame combo for Emmetropes

What are the Types of Eyezen Lenses?

There are two types of Eyezen lenses.

eyezen lenses

Eyezen Start

Eyezen Start is a single-vision lens that delivers distinct surfaces for distance and close vision at two different points on the lens. The portion of the lens that gives the patient clarity is optimized by this technology. For all types of digital use in the contemporary home and workplace, this single-vision lens is perfect.

The additional blue light protection of Eyezen Start lenses keeps the eyes protected from blue-violet light and comfortable while using a digital device.

Eyezen +

Enhance single-vision Eyezen + lenses are used to reduce digital eye strain. Eyezen + might be the ideal option for people who want their single-vision lenses to have an added boost. There are four different accommodation (eye focusing) levels in the Eyezen + lenses. This offers a slight magnification to enable closer viewing distances to be easier and sharper focused for more comfortable reading.

The diopter strength dictates the levels of magnification for Eyezen +. The prescription is more powerful the higher the diopter. All Eyezen lens designs have the ability to block blue light. For those who frequently exhibit signs of digital eye strain, Eyezen + lenses are suggested.

  • Eyezen + 0 – This lens has 0.00 diopters and is typically advised for children aged 17 and younger. This indicates that there is no additional magnification present, but it does have blue light-blocking capabilities.
  • Eyezen + 1 – Specifically, a magnification of 0.40 diopters is most beneficial for people between the ages of 18 and 34.
  • Eyezen + 2 – Eyezen + 2 lenses have a 0.60 diopter power level, which is recommended for wearers between the ages of 35 and 44.
  • Eyezen + 3 – Eyezen + lenses can currently be enhanced up to 0.85 diopters. For those between the ages of 45 and 50 who do not yet require bifocals or progressive lenses for presbyopia, this is advised.

The manufacturer advises between the ages indicated above. On the other hand, your eye doctor will recommend the ideal Eyezen + accommodation level for you based on your unique requirements.

Are Eyezen Lenses Worth It?

I found that wearing the Eyezen lenses improved my overall eye comfort. Compared to the end of the day, my eyes are no longer as tired. With the help of the lenses, I was able to work for a few more hours at night before my focus began to fade. There are some oddities with the new features of the Eyezen lenses.

Is Eyezen An Anti Fatigue Lens?

Eyezen Boost lenses are designed for single-vision wearers suffering from visual fatigue. They ease eye strain, aid in efforts to focus the eyes and enhance the readability of small print.

Can You Wear Eyezen Lenses All Day?

Eyezen lenses are designed to be worn all day, and can even benefit patients who do not typically wear prescription glasses.


A pair of Varilux lenses may be more advantageous than Eyezen + 3 lenses for people over 40 who are starting to experience presbyopia symptoms. To learn more and discover the lenses that best suit your needs, speak with your eye doctor.

Do you frequently use the computer and experience eye strain and headaches? Eyezen can assist by easing eye strain and lowering glare from your screen.

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